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Squares all the way, using beads in tatting.

Squares all the way, using beads in tatting.

How about making a square motif, giving tatting lace a new look?
Not only the motif, but the beads start to look square as well.

Often the motifs tend to be all round when tatting laces, but this time I'm pushing forward square shape motifs using beads.

Cotton thread size 60 (Japanese)
3 Swarovski beads 3mm (outside the motif)
8 Pearl beads 2mm (inside the motif)

①Ring 3 P 5 P 3
②Ring 3 P 5 P 5 P 3
③Ring 3 P 5 P 3
④Chain 5 P 5 (4 P 4 is possible too)

3 sets of steps ① to ④
Very simple.

Thread the beads through before starting to tat.
3 swarovski beads for the outside of the motif to the shuttle side, and pearl beads for the inside of the motif onto the ball of thread (the non-core thread).

1. Tat steps ① to ③
2. 5 stitches of chain ④
Place a pearl bead in the picot position, and tat 5 more stitches.
3. Tat 2 sets of ①
4. When tatting the 2nd set of ②, place a swarovski bead threaded through the shuttle into the loop made with the left hand.
5. Tat 3 stitches, join, and after another 5 stitches, place a swarovski bead in the picot position, and continue.
6. Place a pearl bead on the ring before starting the 2nd set of chain.
Press it firmly onto the base of the ring.
7. Same as step "2".
8. Repeats steps "4" to "7".
9. Once you've finished tatting the 4th set of chain, place the last pearl bead at the base of the 1 set of ring, and fasten off the thread.

One last thing.
Although you've tatted 4 sets, because there are only 3 beads for the outside, the picot made in the first ② doesn't have a swarvski bead.
Attach this part to the earring hook.
Here, at this point, make sure you attach an eye pin in between, and place the same swarovski bead as the other outer beads on the motif side.
It will be slightly out of position, but the four outer points will look similar.
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