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Let's become a "curator" of Cute Craft!

Let's become a "curator" of Cute Craft!

What is "curator"? How can I write articles? We will answer.

What is "a curator?"


Because it is vague, I do not know the place there well either, but, as for "the curator of Cute Craft ," I think the world of the craft in a wide field to be it when it is the role that each spreads "pleasure" and "information".
We read the word "curator" well, but think that on earth there is much "what one".
Originally "the curator" seemed to call people to choose what I should put in the art museum how.
I collect information and choose it and feel the meaning of "the curator" in the net without a change with a blogger for a feeling sending it to too much, it is a feeling to finish writing an article higher-grade more technically than a blogger.
Therefore I think that you should be able to send that you think that "I found such a thing!!" if "I can make it in this way!!" or can share it with all if good.

First of all, I will complete free member registration first.

Then I really explain how to use.

At first ,please finish a free sign-in.

In this case, enter your "mail address" and "password".
The registration is free.

Now that you are a member of the general "curator" of Cute Craft, you will be able to publish articles.

My Page


Immediately, opening up "My Page" looks something like this, first open the "Profile Settings" page, enter "Nickname" "Self Introduction" "Image" and "Save" is completed .

Creating articles


Next, in "My Page", open "My Articles" and press the "Create new article" button in the upper right.

Then, since it switches to such a screen, I will create an article here.

1 Initially, choose the one that applies to your work and information from "Category" in the upper left.

2 Then enter the title of the work and information in the "headline of the article" part.

3 Enter a description of the content in the "Summary of article" part easily.

4 Next we will put the top image of the article. If you want to use the image contained in your PC, switch the button to "Upload" and select "File" OK.

It is time to create an article.


It is time to create an article.

Various buttons are lined up, but the part of "heading" is emphasized greatly in letters.
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