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Do you still have your ultrasound photo?

Do you still have your ultrasound photo?

The ultrasound photo is a very memorable photo that a life started for the first time. Did you leave in in the boshi-techo( mother and child health log) ? Let's keep the record of your baby's development in scrapbooking(*^^*)

At the special dad's class....

At the special dad's class. Dads wore a maternity jacket, and experienced "maternity".

Living in the old town of Arakawa-ward in Tokyo.
I'm a scrapbooking instructor and a mom of a first grade boy, a kindergarten girl, a 17 years old cat.

My son's 7th birthday is coming soon.
I happedned to find my son's ultrasound photo, so I decided to write about it today.
【★Tips★】The ultrasound photos are thermal papers. So after many years, the image becomes unclear. So, I recommend you to scan it or bring it to a photo store to make a data, and print it out.

☆If you have only data, there is a possibility to lose it when PC or CD-R were broken. Make sure to print it out.
Scrapbooking paper is suita...

Scrapbooking paper is suitable for keeping photos

The reason why photos and almub books get yellow seems to be the acidity included in the material.

Scrapbooking papers are acid free so they are suitable for making albums to keep memorable photos.

Also, there are many kinds of papers available, you can choose your favorite taste, or the ones for particular scenes, and enjoy making different craft styles.
The first meeting

The first meeting

The first meeting through the screen at the hospital.

"At first, you were so small like this. Like a size of ants(*^^*)"

When you keep your photos, you can have a conversation or communication with your children.(*^^*)

~Know your roots~
For sure, my children will have thier own world from now on, and have their "period of resistant" (^^;、

"I was loved and kept safely and am growing now."

I was hoping that if I keep thier growing record in some kind of shape, they will feel our love(*^^*) And I continue scrapbooking...
Currently I'm in charge of making gifts for new born babies at the local maternity hospital.
I use the new born baby pictures and make scrapbooking crafts.

★I firstly started scrapbooking when I got pregnant with my son.

It was not the fancy maternity life i imagined. I felt sick and stayed home. I couldn't deal with my body condition well and just signed a lot.

Then, I thought, "This is not good. I have to start something."
I wanted to organize photos and thats how I started scrapbooking.

Once I started it. time flew really fast and I forgot about my sickness. I could just enjoy without thinking much.

Scrapbooking became a bridge between me and my son. (*^^*)

One day, I want to have a lesson of scrapbooikng to moms-to-be. This is my dream to give them some precious time between them and thier babies, especially when they feel nervous about their first pregnancy. ★
For the local maternity hos...

For the local maternity hospital, I'm making a scrapbooking for a new born baby!

Some day, I want to have a ...

Some day, I want to have a scrapbooking class for maternity women(*^^*)

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