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: I can give glory to means of transportation of a wineglass and the cocktail glass splendidly.

Hello, everyone.

It is Lifestyle Crafts dies drink labels this time.

I will perform the decorations of the meal of Valentine's Day and the glass of the party splendidly.

Of course I put colorful mini-chocolate, and the drink puts the fruit which coated chocolate and….

The chocolate mousse looks good, too!

Is an adult slightly; think that can direct it.

As for the paper, the gold seems to match the decorations not to mention red and pink, too.

I make the decorations in the simple glasses such as 100 shops and will employ you steadily generously!

It is different to play an active part at every others party, and there is no die of Lifestyle Crafts drink labels as well as Valentine's Day.

Because I become a glass marker, you do not look for one's glass with wherever and finish it!

It is the die which is convenient when there is it.
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