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How to make "Paper box" corners

How to make "Paper box" corners

I'm sure you have seen boxes having "corners" on the corner of the boxes. I will give an explanation of how to make them easily with paper.

With Cartonnage, which pastes fabric onto cardstock to finish up with, it is common to use metal parts on the corners, and they are also commonly seen in scrapbooking shops. However this time I would like to create box corners using papers.

It may feel like a hassle, as there are many of them, but each one is easy to make. Therefore, using paper as opposed to metal parts are useful when you want to make your box look more fancy but keep it light.

[Things to prepare]

Circle punch, or Circle die. (If you don't have either of them, using a suitable round shape to trace is ok.)

Scoring board (If you don't have it, fold the circles into four.)

Brads 24 pieces (Not absolutely necessary)

I've used a 1.5 inch circle die here.

Make 8 circles.

Draw a vertical line in the center of the circle using the scoring board. (In this case, 0.75 inch)

Draw a line perpendicular to the previous line.
(Folding it in four is the easiest option, but the finishing is neater when using a scoring board.)

Using scissors, cut out one corner of the circle divided into four.

Once you fold it along the lines, it's all done.

If you don't have brads, this is enough in itself...

But it looks fancier if you add the brads.
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The size of the corners can easily be changed by changing the circle sizes, so please make use of them.
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