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Tim Holtz®︎【Ranger Ink】


I'm going to continue making a christmas card. Please check out my last post, Greeting Card【4】 http://cute-craft.jp/articles/IyMnS

My client requested "Scandinavian style" for this year's christmas card.

When it comes to Christmas color, I only thought about red, green and white. In this Christmas season, there are many papers in these colors are available.

I tried to think how I can make it Scandinavian style and this is what I came up wth.

My image of Scandinavian style is blue and mustard color.

So I'm going to add these colors.

The colors I choose are Tim Holtz®︎【Ranger Ink】's
From right side, Glacier White, Caribbean Coast, and Lemon Twist.

They are not matte and original color, a little bit more subtle.
Sophisticated color ❤️

They are not glittery like liquid pearl but I really like them✨

They are also Acid free, so you can use them for scrapbooking. They are
Non toxic✨

It's going to be my favorite item this winter.❤️

First, drop a little bit of Caribbean Coast❤️
It's more like blue gray than blue.

Lemom Twist is more like golden yellow. ✨
It is a warm color.

They have many color variations. It makes you want to collect them all.

I used the image from their site.

You can also watch a video of
【ENAMEL ACCENT】which is their official video. Check it out✨


I used Glacier White for this.

By the way.... Does it look like a Scandinavian style...?

Thank you for reading my post✨
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