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Greeting Card 【7】

Greeting Card 【7】

Using【kangaroo-mum】original paper.


A scrapbooking material store 【Kangaroo-mum】in Ehime that has an online store, sells A4 size original papers.

【Shopping site is here】

【5 set value pack is available】

Alive factory poki who is a designer in Ehime designed this cute illustration for this original paper. ❤️

poki's page is here.

For the base paper, I used a water soluble pen...

I colored it like watercolor to give a softer impression.

Online store is here❤️

Cut your favorite illustration. ❤️The paper texture was nice and it was easy to cut.

I made an ATC size card by attaching the illustration on the base paper which I colored with kitpas.

ATC stands for... artist trading card.

For more detailed information, please check it out here.✨

Greeting Card【1】

You can also see how to make this at Kangaroo mum's blog.

They also have a christmas design version which is perfect for this season❤️

【Visit here for shopping】

【5 set value pack】
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