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Greeting Card 【2】

Greeting Card 【2】

Halloween version✨ ATC size message card.

Speaking of October's event, there is Halloween on 10/31✨

The exciting Halloween event in Japan is the costume-play event in Shibuya. What kind of costumes can I see this year?
I'm already excited.

today I made a Halloween ATC card using the 12 inch size Alice paper from an oversea maker, graphic 45.

As you all know well, this is a 12 inch paper of a card design with characters in Alice in the wonderland.

There are 20 kinds of patterns. Everything is so cute and I had a hard time selecting it. ✨

I wanted to make a Halloween message card, so I chose something like Halloween.✨

(I used this image form the store)

I used an ATC card for today's halloween card.

ATC stand for Artist Trading Card.

The size has a regulation.
2.5 x 3.5inch【about 6.4 x8.9cm】so it fits in your hand.✨

Half of L size picture might sound better. ✨

Besides its size, you can use any materials like combining it with your stamps. ✨

This is how it looks in vertical. ✨

I made a hole with a circle die cut on the base paper and also attached a different pattern paper from behind so the pattern stands out.

Please check the direction of how to make a card at Greeting Card 【1】and make your own style✨

The title 【ABRACADABRA 】have many theories like magical words or some kind of protection, but it seems to have been used as a charm for eliminating disease and bad spirits.

In Japan, we say "Itaino itaino tondeke" to children, and I guess it is similar?
I found a blog post like this and my scary mage of Halloween got a little bit better lol.
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