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DIY Neckpiece

DIY Neckpiece

DIY Neckpiece

Hello All the learners,

Today I am making my first tutorial. I hope you will like it.

so in this tutorial we are gone a make very simple and Elegant DIY Neckpiece.

you will need very basic supplies like

*Acrylic colors
*Wooden piece / chipboard piece of any shape with hole at the top.
*Water bowl
Sponge(not necessary)
*Metal Charm
*Thread/cotton cord/leather cord/chain
*Glitter Nailpolish

so now lets begin...

First apply color with a brush or a sponge. I have used heart shape and ultramerine blue color.

Let it dry for a while as we have used acrylic color it will take not more than 15 min to dry but if you are in a hurry you can use hair drier/ heat tool to make it dry quickly.

Now take a dark color nail polish to add shimmer on the heart. Also make sure you apply on both the side of the heart. again let it dry...

Than Take liitle lighter color shimmer nailpolish (sky blue or ocean blue) and apply on the edges of the heart.

Now take a jumpring put inside the hole and put a chain inside the jumpring and close the ends properly so that your chain doesnt come out.

I have made a small bow on the side of the chain if you want you can add it too..
Now one last step of adding a metal charm. you can choose any type of charm ... clay charm, cobochons flowers etc..

Tadaaa... your Diy neckpiece is ready .... :D

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. please like and comment.

Mitali shah
(Crafter from India)
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