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Let's decorate party glasses Part 1

Let's decorate party glasses Part 1

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I decorated glasses essential for parties a little.


I will introduce the way to add a few decorations to glasses with legs such as wine glasses and cocktail ones and raise the ranks of affordable glasses this time.

Plastic glasses are perfect for gatherings where it is difficult to use luxury glasses such as parties with children.
Even if you drop it by accident, you don’t have to worry about injuries due to glass pieces, so it's relieving.

However, it is somewhat insipid in case of plastic, and you may be a little embarrassed in case of the same glasses every time.

In such cases, you should do as follows❣️

Sizzix's Die
This is wine stem name label rose laace.

This die is an excellent one that can also play the role of glass markers.

When you cut out with a die cutting machine, you can cut out like the image, and there is some space where you can write a name.

If you write names and marks etc., people don’t make any mistake to take a wrong glass.

How convenient❣️

This time, I tried attaching ribbons instead of writing names.

The rose lace pattern is also very beautiful❣️

I use Martha Stewart's punch for making ribbons.

You can decorate even plastic glasses as this!

They are changed out of recognition.

When you attach to the legs of the glasses, you can easily attach and remove since there are cuts on the cut papers.

Please change papers and prominent features and decorate glasses for each party concept❣️

I prepared. Since it was before the party, I covered them with a cellophane film (lol).

It was very beautiful when I put them in order.

It is recommendable since it must play an active part in the upcoming party season.
Thank you very much for reading to the last.

Please look forward to the part 2 next time❣️
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