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CCN:『my baby girl』~Tips for decorating with a lot of flowers.~

CCN:『my baby girl』~Tips for decorating with a lot of flowers.~

When I first started scrapbooking, the first thing got my attension was flower embellishments. "Wow! Are these flowers?" was my reaction. One day, I want to make a work using them. So, I tried it with my daughter's picture. ★

Long time ago, I asked someone the difference between scrapbooking and collage. She said, " I think if you have flowers and buttons, it is scrapbooking. "

But that was about 6 or 7 years ago, so now people might have a different idea.

When I started scrapbooking, I was impressed with flower embellishments the most.
It's not like artificial flowers, nor paper flowers. They are dimensional and gorgeous.

Decorating a picture with the flowers. What a nice idea!

When I asked my friends " Do you know scrapbooking?" and showed them my work with the flowers on, they were very impressed wiht the flowers.

Since they are so gorgeous, the price come with is too...(^^;
I only used a little amount of them. (Am I the only one?)

"I wish I could use as much as flowers I want even once..."

I always had that kind of desire. (^-^ゞ
As a memory of my daughter'...

As a memory of my daughter's birth, I used lots of flowers!

I had a baby girl.
Till then, I couldn't go to my lessons that I used to go every month. I was just checking out online stores when she was still a baby.

You know what! I'm going to make a work with flowers!

I tried making my daughter's memory work decorated with lots of flowers that I always wanted to try.
Tips for using many flowers

Tips for using many flowers

Usually I consider a budget when making a work for my class. So I've never really made anything decorated gorgeously with flowers. But for once, without thinking much, I just decided to do it. ☆★

【Tips☆★】Instead of putting all flowers on the front side, I hid some behind the picture and considered to layer them. So even I used a lot of flowers, it became compact and didn't turn out to be messy.(*^^*)

Also, when I thought about the layout with flowers, I used the flower pattern paper and simply put flowers on or around the flower pattern.

It adds a little depth to the work, so it works well(*^^*)

You can also use different sizes of flowers, instead of using the same size.

Instead of putting them to front! front ! front! , sometimes you put it back. Long time ago, my friend who was an expert of romantic relationship, told me that the three rules for relationships are push, push and pull back lol. So I guess it applies to scrapbooking?

Please try it!
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