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DIY Party!

DIY Party!

Let 's use the DIY Party series of we r memory keepers and decorate your room for parties.


This time, I tried making party decorations with using the Honeycomb Pads and Honeycomb Stencils of we r memory keepers.

It is nice even to decorate them on Christmas trees in the coming season, so you must try using them❣️

The Honeycomb stencil is thin and translucent.

The forms which you can make are listed on the back side of the package.

You can make every shape in different sizes!

The description of how to make is in the package.

There is no Japanese, but I think that it is easy to understand because pictures are drawn.

Use it with Honeycomb pads.

Put the stencil on the pad and trace with pencils etc.

Write 2 sheets.

Cut them with scissors.

Paste them together.

Please do it firmly.

Prepare tough paper and cut it a little longer than the cut honeycomb.

It is enough if there is room as the image when you put the honeycomb between the cut tough paper.

I made a hole to thread.

Paste a dual-sided tape on the paper and spread the honeycomb...

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