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CCN:『Forever & Always』~from generation to generation(*^^*)~

CCN:『Forever & Always』~from generation to generation(*^^*)~

My son and his great grandmother who was 97. Their memory still stays in my children's heart. (*^^*)

My son and hg great grandmother who was 97 years old.
She is my husband's grandmother.

She was really cheerful(*^^*)
But she was old, so everytime I saw her, we said "Nice to meet you."

But we went to a hot spring together, ate out to get Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) together.
(Even when she was 98, she ate Yakiniku!)

I got married and got pregnant.
She rubbed my belly, came to the hospital when he was born, and hold y son.

When my son turned 1 and 2, we celebrated her 97, 98, 99 years birthday together. (*^^*)
How cute you are! Are you m...

How cute you are! Are you my grandson?

"How cute you are! Are you my grandson?"
"No, he is your great grandson.(*^^*)!"
"What! My grandson!??"

Those conversation came back to me whenever I saw this picture. (*^^*)

One Sunday afternoon.
At my husband't parents house, my son 1 year and 10 month old, she was 99 years old.

He barely spoke but she looked into him when he was eating snacks and said "you are very pretty". That's the moment of this picture.

I took the picture with my phone and printed it out.

I put it in the frame and gave it to her on the respect for the aged day.
Her 100th birthday was almost there!
Before her birthday, she received some gifts and certificates from the government so we celebrated together. ★

At that time, I had my daughter in my belly and she rubbed it gently.

Unfortunately, she passed away before her 100th birthday.

After one month, my daughter was born on the same day she passed away.
2014.2.25(SAT) My daughter ...

2014.2.25(SAT) My daughter was born.


Always have, always will!

Always have, always will!

I made the exactly same on e and displayed it in his parents house and our house.

He didn't speak much at that time, but maybe he always sees this work.

He says he remembers talking to her and playing with her.

My daughter says, "I wanted to play with her too. I wanted to meet her! while looking at her picture.

Great grandmother, how are you?
We are all looking at this work thinking about you(*^^*)

Forever (*^^*)

Forever (*^^*)

Secret? The flowers are mad...

Secret? The flowers are made of papers and water★

I'll share some secrets of this work.

i moisted bazzill papers with water and made this flowers. ★
Once it gets wet and dried, the shape stays well.

What do you think?
They don't look like paper flowers. They look real just like embellishments we find at scrapbooking stores.
Pass the memory to the next generation.

Scrapbooking is such a heart warming craft. (*^^*)

Would you like to try it?
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