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I tried Jewel Drops.

I tried Jewel Drops.

NUVO’s crystal drops are so popular, aren’t they? The jewel drops which were released next are also recommendable❣️.


Very popular crystal drops❣️

After that, jewel drops was also released, and the influence cannot stop.

Let me introduce 3 colors of it this time.

Tonic Studios Nuvo Jewel Drop

The colors are as below from the left

Rose water
Grey Mist
Orange Marmalade

All of them have transparency.

Their transparency is similar to that of Morning Dew of crystal drops, which is used for positioning.

I tried comparing gray mist of jewel drops with morning dew of crystal drops.

When I put them on a piece of patterned paper, you can see the paper pattern a little transparent, can’t you?

This transparency is..., yes! It’s like arrowroot gruel❣️

Jewel drops is possible to be used as accent for paper crafts such as cardmaking and scrapbooking❣️

It is recommendable.

Thank you very much for your reading to the end.
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