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Winter 6 Inch Layout【1】

Winter 6 Inch Layout【1】

I used the item testing. ❤️


The product testing item 【17 Thicker sticker 】 from Cute Craft arrived.

It is a think chipboard alphabet sticker and each letter has about 1.5cm. It had a cute and pop font in white color on little round shape black alphabets.

I wrote about winning this.
I won the testing item.❤️

Using this item, I'm going to make a 6 inch craft.
First, arrange papers roughly imagining winter. ❤️

From here, we check it's balance and move it around.

I placed them roughly.
The black base is 6 inch size.

I cut out the snowman, cut slices on the papers, and made some adjustments.

I'm going to choose 【WINTER】from the alphabet stickers for the title of stickers. It was from the testing item that I received form Cute Craft the other day.

Now we are going to glue them.
【The paper is colored.】

Punch a hole with Clop-A-Dile and tie a string.

I put the string through the paper.
Also, I added an extra work of scraching the paper.

Attach this paper on the base.

If you put some pop-up stickers in your liking on the back side. It becomes 3D and cute.

The paper I used here is Simple StoriesのSNOW PATROL.

This paper had a lot of design on both sides so you can cut them and use.

Use stamps if you like❤️

This stamp is 【your next stamp】that I introduced on Thank you card【8】 . More details are here.

Finally decorate with enamel dots and enamel accents.❤️

The post about enamel accents is here. ❤️
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