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【WS info★】Let's decorate a halloween tree☆★

【WS info★】Let's decorate a halloween tree☆★

) It's almost Halloween🎃 I started seeing cute children wearing a Halloween costume in my town. 一👻❤ When it comes to a tree, you might think a Christmas tree, but how about【Halloween Tree】?

A couple of years ago...
When we had a small tree at home, I thought it was going to make a mess, especially having my babies crawling around the house. (>_<)!So, I just enjoyed looking at the big tree at a show window.

But, now that my kids grew up, I decided to go get a Christmas tree!
And I saw a tree decotrated for Halloween.
Wow! That's awesome★
I want to try that at my house♪

... Then, I couldn't figure out the color of the tree.

Other than the standard green color, they have black and white ones too.

If I use it for Halloween, maybe black one works better? I visited many stores, checked out online stores, and finally bought a black fiber tree.
Using a costume goods, a ha...

Using a costume goods, a hat, a cloak, a cane...

How is it? It has some nice atmosphere right?
I also used the "ghost" decoration I made with my kids.

The rest of the decorations like a hat, a cloak, more are all from a 100 yen store.
Decorate with costume goods!

Decorate with costume goods!

Let's go to a Halloween party🎃✨
Take off the decoration out of the tree, and just put them on.

【tric or treat!!!!!!】
Quick halloween menu for br...

Quick halloween menu for breakfast or a snack.

I bought some snacks and pastries, and arranged them in a Halloween style.

For the eye part, maybe chocolate might work well but I just wanted to make them quick, so I used cheese and seaweed.(^^;

For the leg part, I cut a snack from a convenient store in half and stick it on.

The chocolate cookie on the side is also a very common snack from a convenient store.
Painted with a permanent ma...

Painted with a permanent maker on a mandarin orange.

I drew jack-o-lantern on a mandarin orange. ★We often see this one(^-^)♪

The wall stcicker behind is from a Cando store. Hope they have it this year too.
Halloween cordinate for a s...

Halloween cordinate for a snack time🎃👻❤

Just putting a hat and halloween snacks on the side, it suddenly looks like a fancy halloween party. ★
It is an easy cordination♪
Last year&#39;s halloween party...

Last year's halloween party at memory place. ❤

At a scrapbooking store in Zoshigaya called Memory place, there was a halloween party last year.♪
It was the first time for my daughter to wear a costume, get on a train and attended the party.★

She seemed to have enjoyed a lot meeting a lot of people in a costume on the train. She says "What should I wear this year?" and is already excited.
(Click the image and you can go to the link of the party♪)
Again this year!! Halloween...

Again this year!! Halloween party in memory place★

This year, a halloween party will be held at 【Memory Place】in Zoshigata on October 29th Saturday.
(The image is sample)

It is a fun and reasonable price party for Halloween crafting, where you can make a cute scrapbooking with your children.(*^^*)♪)♪
I really recommend it!
Please joing the party either by yourself or with your children.(*^^*)
→For more details, please click the image★

※The party host, teacher Amy (Ms Emi Kume) approved this post★
Last year&#39;s table coordinat...

Last year's table coordinate at Halloween party

I used one of the pictures here from teacher Amy's blog.(*^^*)
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