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Lively celebration cards

Lively celebration cards

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Why don’t you try making celebration cards in three dimension? Does it seem to be difficult? No, you can easily make with a die! Let's celebrate with handmade cards.


This time, I will introduce the card which is put in an envelope and becomes a three-dimensional thing when it is opened.

What I used is as below:

Sizzix Bigz XL Die
Card in a Box

Since it is an XL-sized die, it is slightly larger.

The die is a thick type.

The die cutting machine I used this time was


As an accessory,
I used Sizzix Big Shot Cutting Pad (BigZ XL long large die only).

For now, I can cut with it and I think there is no problem, but
I don’t recommend this for those who are anxious unless they use the die-cutting machines of the same makers.

As decorations, I used stickers included in the Trimcraft paper pad.

The stickers have adhesive property on the back, so
I used EK Success - Powder Tool Applicator.

About how to use, peel off your favorite stickers.

Then, apply with a brush on the adhesive side, and fine powders come out from the inside, and the stickiness is lost.

If you use this, the seals are quickly changed into die-cuts!
It is a recommendable tool even if you want to make seals pop-up and show them stereoscopically.

Now, add an adhesive agent to the overlap widths of the papers cut with the die cutting machine to shape them.

Attach the decorative die-cuts to bamboo skewers purchased at 100-yen shop which are used for dishes etc. with a glue gun.

As the partition in the box, I also attached some paper with the glue gun with checking the balance.

Pack thin paper in the box to finish.

Close the box slantingly to make it flat!

Since it becomes thin, I could ship it with putting it in an envelope.

Why don’t you make three-dimensional cards by all means?

Thank you very much for your reading to the end.
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