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6 Inch Paper Layout

6 Inch Paper Layout

Here is how to make 6 inch layout.


My Minds Eyes's 6inch paper pad 【Suges PLUM】.

I used 6 kinds of papers from this series.

On top of the bas3 paper of your choice, layer other papers, so that it looks more handmade-style and dimensional.

So I used 6 kinds of 6 inch papers and add more colors on the base.

①The base paper
This is a little simple as it is so I cut the pattern of this paper away.

Prepare other papers.❤️
Here they are.

②Pleat a check pattern paper and glue...

And you can see the paper behind it. ❤️
This is how it looks from the front and the back.

③Put a heart shape paper between and hide the part where I cut away.

Check the balance and adjust the exceeding part by cutting from the back.

In the same way, I put a wreath on left side.

Compared to the original one, it added some colors. ❤️

Then, finish up as you like with a picture and a title.

Place flowers in a good balance and a picture flame on the center.
Place a title and finish.✨

I colored the paper and the title. ✨
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