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CCN:『peek a boo !』~Childhood Memory~

CCN:『peek a boo !』~Childhood Memory~

Have you heard the big news form Cute Craft?(゜ロ゜) I'm going to apply it too! (*^^*) The first entry is『peek a boo !』 the memory of brother and sister♪

『peek a boo !』~Childhood Me...

『peek a boo !』~Childhood Memory❤~

There was a big news from Cute Craft (゜ロ゜)!!
During the entry period, 12 scrapbooking works will be selected and displayed in trains like Asakusa-Line for a year!?

I live close to Asakusa.
If my work using my family and children's memory was displayed as an advertisement, that'd be really awesome(>_<)!

Looks like so many people have sent their works, so it might be hard to be selected. (^^;

But I'm going to try it too(*^^*)

My first entry is『peek a boo !』
Stil, this is my most favorite picture.
A picture of brother and sister. ♪
When it comes to "Scrapbooking", I'd say 12 inch works with pictures.★

Decorate your memory with pictures and beautiful papers and decorations.

I always try to leave some journal when I make 12 inch works.
I found my grandmother&#39;s jo...

I found my grandmother's journal!

I found my grandmother's journal from the drawer.
She was born in 1912.
This is probably 30 years ago?

When I flipped the page...
This is very interesting.

This is very interesting.

It says, "If a brim of a hat is wide, keep it on the side, if it is not wide, just keep it in front. "
I guess it was the status of fashion.(^^;
My drawings

My drawings

I also found it.
From the journal more than ...

From the journal more than 30 years ago, my grandmother's message to her child.

And ...
I found her message to her child.
She must have thought about a lot of things on her son's 29th birthday, the day she gave a birth to him, or more feelings to him...

After I have found this journal, I decided to use my handwriting for scrapbooking.(*^^*)
From mother to children. I ...

From mother to children. I always want to give and tell my love.(*^^*)

Now my children just fight all the time.(^^;
But the work I made using thier smiling pictures when I did pick-a-boo is still my treasure. (*^^*)★
From father to children★

From father to children★

I want to leave not only from mother to children, but also from father to children, I sometimes ask my husband to write something.
When they are old, I hope they'll get our love looking at the scrapbooking.(*^^*)
Writing your love, telling your love, leaving your love, and connecting your love.

Scrapbooking has the role. (*^^*)

I hope many people will know how great scrapbooking is. (*^^*)★
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