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For party photos

For party photos

Cute Craft I will introduce the Hooray series of My Mind's Eye.


This time, I will introduce the new work of My Mines Eye the Hooray series.
My Mind's Eye Hooray

My Mind's Eye Hooray

The papers which are processed by gold foil with colorful colors and the die-cuts are perfect for party photos.

There are the 2 sizes 12 inches and 6 inches about the papers, and the both are printed on double sides.

Their paper qualities are solid, so they seem to be suitable even for party decoration.

I made a rosette.

I cut the 12 inch paper into 8 inch size and 4 inch size and created large rosette and small one.

The gold points that are included in patches sparkle and produce a gorgeous atmosphere.

Incidentally, I wrote the score lines in units of 1 inch, and
I made the 8-inch rosette by 5 sheets and 4-inch one by 4 sheets.

I used what I cut out with Ek Success’s scallop punch as the center of the small rosette

I used the circle that I cut out with Martha Stewart's punch as the center of the big rosette.
Hooray series that makes you feel happy is recommendable for scrapbooking and room decoration.

Thank you very much for reading to the last.
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