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【kitpas】Making Handprint and Footprint①

【kitpas】Making Handprint and Footprint①

Magical water-soluble chalk 【kitpas】 Nihon Rikagaku Industry co., Ltd.


For your children's memory, would you like to keep their handprint and footprint?

Today I'm going to introduce water-soluble【kitpas】a.k.a. magical chalk from Nihon Rikagaku Industry.

Kitpas is water-soluble chalks. There are many kinds of it and this time I used the 8 door set 【Block】for handprint and footprint.

You can also use kitpas which is crayon shaped water-soluble chalks, but【block】is easy to get and hard to break because it's hardness.

Online store is here❤️

【How to make a handprint】

①Apply kitpas on your hands.
②Spray your hands with water spray.
③Puy your hand on a drawing paper.

Sure, even adults can enjoy it.

The kitpas instructor is holding the kid's hand. She was very excited❤️

Stamp the handprint❤️

Stamp the footprint❤️

Using colorful hand and footprints...

Create an elephant...

You can make a cute work as a kitpas art.

Kitpas is safe to use as a communication tool with your children.

I'll introduce it again focusing on the benefit of it's water-soluble character.
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