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"DIGI STAMPS", popular overseas.

"DIGI STAMPS", popular overseas.

Great information for those of you who like "Colouring" stamps.

Have you used these "Digital stamps" we have been seeing in artworks posted "instagram" and "pintrest"?

This is an ATC made using DIGI STAMPS.
These digital stamps are not suited for those who enjoy "Stamp art", layering many stamps, but they are recommended for those who like "Colouring stamps".

"Stamp art layering many stamps"

This is an ATC I received.
Artist Pochi-san

It is so beautiful having stamps of various colours layered.
I would like to create artworks like this as well, but at the moment I am into colouring type stamps.
Digital stamps are stamps that only need to be download in data form, as opposed to stamps like "Cling stamps" or "Clear stamps" that need the stamps themselves to be purchased.

There are many benefits to digital stamps, for those who love items such as "Colouring stamps".

Wood stamps of course, along with cling stamps take up space as the numbers increase, but "DIGI STAMPS" do not take up space as they only need to be stored in PCs.

It is uncommon to use things like "Colouring stamps" multiple times.

I don't produce many of the same items either, so it is only once of twice that I will colour in the same stamp within the season.

Although they are not used often, stamps cost quite a bit to purchase, so I often hesitate. However, "DIGI STAMPS" are at a price setting that can easily be purchased.

These are print outs of digital stamps using a home printer.
Because they are in data form, the benefits include: "sizes being adjustable", "you only need to print it out", "they can be used multiple times", and "overseas ones can be used instantly as well".

There are well-known manufacturers that deal with digital stamps, as well as unique illustration shops that only deal with digital stamps.

Also, there are many free digital stamps issued as well.

When colouring with Copic markers, they don't smudge even if you print with inkjet printers.

When buying overseas stamps, once the payment is done through cards, it can be downloaded instantly. So all you need to do is save the downloaded data, print it out, and colour it.

By all means, make use of these.
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