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Marianne Design★Christmas 6 Inch

Marianne Design★Christmas 6 Inch

Cute Craft × Little Angel♪ Xmas special campaign !


Today I made a christmas 6 inch craft with my favorite circle layout that I love so much that I use it very frequently.
Cute Craft × Little Angel♪ Xmas special campaign is challenging this layout too.❤️
I used Marianne Design items for the requirement 【use more than 2 items】.

①【Marianne Design Craftables 】
CR1368 Punch Die Cats & Dogs
②【Marianne Design Clear Stmps 】
HT1607 Hetty's Cats & Dogs

For more details, please visit here.
Cute Craft × Little Angel♪ 
Xmas special campaign!


I attached a bone-shaped die cut on a red Xmas-pattern paper that was cut with 2 inch circle punch.

The paper is colored.


I stamped on a white paper and I colored the dog stamp which I cut with scissors.

Like Xmas...
I put a hat on his head.

By the way...

The basic layout is the circle blocking, which is placing the papers that are cut with a 2 inch circle punch.

On top of the 6 inch paper, I placed 8 of 2 inch circle papers and attached them.
【You don't need to put anything under the picture since it will be covered.】

You can use 8 different pattern papers...

Or the same papers, either way it's very cute❤️
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