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Waterproof Ink

Waterproof Ink

Ranger 【Archival Ink Pads 】


This is an ink pad【 Archival Ink 】from a maker called Ranger.
The package says ☆acid-free, ☆permanent, and ☆waterproof

Waterproof means it is good for water.✨

It works well with acrylic paint, watercolor pencils, water based ink, water based markers and doesn't bleed. ✨

It also works on a cloth as well.
【After drying for 72 hours, you can wash it】

By the way, permanent means it lasts for a long time. If you take it as semi-permanent, it is suitable for scrapbooking and easy to use, especially scrapbooking is supposed to be kept for a long time.

This is today's stamp✨

With Marianne Design's Clear stamps HT1607 Hetty's Cats, I stamped with waterproof archival ink.

I colored it with watercolor pencils after stamping, and tried to shade off with a water brush....

How much should we shade off? Which color paper should we use? I tried many stamps with my friend.

If the ink runs out, you can buy their refill ink.

They have 24 types of colors✨

To clean the stamp surface, you can use StazOn Cleaner.
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