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Paper Chain Cutting Dies Product Testing Report ②

Paper Chain Cutting Dies Product Testing Report ②

By using the WeR Memory keepers Paper Chain Cutting Dies that I reported last time, I made the valentine color version.


I chose cute colored papers of valentine's day. ☆
I use plain papers this time, but pattern papers would be good as well.

Out of a 12 inch paper, I got 11 of them. (I'm looking for the best way to die cut it without wasting any papers)

Make rings and connect 44 rings together.

For the small parts that were not cut completely, just layer them all and push them gently using a prick punch.

I connected 4 kinds and the length was about 7 inch.

Connect them all. Adjust the length as you like.

The dies are 4 kinds but you can make more variations by using more colors or the same colors.

I made a chain and decorated on the wall.
This is pretty just as it is but it'd be prettier if I combine it with a garland. ☆

I'm going to use it for each season and events.

Thank you for reading!
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