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【Trick heart】Message Card✨

【Trick heart】Message Card✨

You might have a secret message to keep❤️


Today I made a scrapbooking on an A4 size base paper.

On the second top heart, I included a trick that is hiding a message.

When opening the heart, more hearts appear from underneath. ✨

Today, I'm going to show you how to make a【Trick heart】.✨

For the pink heart decoration, I used a heart punch of 2 inch diameter 【about 5 cm】.

i bought it here.

I used pins called 【brads】for the trick heart.

First, layer two heart papers, make a hole, and secure with a brad.

I made a hole with a dress pin but you can use a regular pin or a prick punch.

This is how it looks like when you put the brad on the hearts.

Turn the top heart and there is a space where you can write a message.

You can even make more space.

We got more space for a message.

Besides a heart punch, you can use a circle punch or scallop punch✨

Well, what should I write for my dog Rock❤️
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