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I made thank you cards.

I made thank you cards.

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When we give thanks for something, we do it by email, phone call, and of course meeting the person directly. And, we do it even by letter! Why don’t you attach a photo taken at that time to your thank you card to tell gratitude?


Why don’t you accompany your card with the photo and tell your gratitude for the participation when you took a photo at parties etc.?

It's easy, but such card might be a little surprise for children who have few opportunities to directly get a letter❣️
The card size is as follows:
Fold 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches paper in half and use it.

I used Jillibean Soup PVC Card Shakers - Small Circle to make a shaker card.

First, cut out two pieces with ek's scallop punch.

Since the color of the letters ‘thank you’ was green and the card color was white, I chose white color for the cover.

Since I am making a thank-you card this time,
choose the die thank you from Circle Greeting Cutout of Impression Obsession Die.

I put the die on the green scallop and cut it with a die-cutting machine.

Attach the cut green scallop to the shaker pouch. At this time, please paste its front side with the pouch edge.

I prepared beads and sequins for the shaker's decoration.

I put these two things from the gaps of the letters ‘thank you’.

After covering with the white scallop, the shaker is completed❣️

I attached a paper ribbon and stuck it on the front of the card.


Paste the photos to the inside of the cards, add your favorite decoration, and write a message❣️

The cards that are made with thinking about the receivers are exceptional❕

You should make a wonderful thank you card.

Thank you very much for your reading to the end.
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