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Watercolor shaker bookmarks

Watercolor shaker bookmarks

Hi,everyone! Many of us like coloring book and painting.It can be not only for relax but you can create something useful from it-colorful bookmarks , for example!


You need: Coloring book ( watercolor pages are the best !)
Watercolor paints
Metallic paints
Clear acrylic sheet
Thick cardstock
Glue and glue stickles
Also you need some tools: sewing machine
Watercolor brush

Color images what you like with watercolor paints and cut sheets for bookmarks

Add metallic accents on your images with metallic paints and add more shining with glue stickles. Let it dry.

Sew bookmarks and clear acrylyc sheets together with sewing machine and left one side non-sewing on the top of bookmarks.

Fill bookmarks with different sequins

Glue the bookmarks to a thick cardstoсk.

Punch die-cuts or cut it with scissors, score it and stick on the top to prevent sequins from spilling out

Make holes and insert eyelets into it wit Crop-A-Dile

Tie color strips to bookmarks.

Your unique colorful bookmarks are ready to use!
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