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Using the LEGO-Style Garland.

Using the LEGO-Style Garland.

When you say "circle", you might think of three basic shapes of circle, triangle and square. Today, I'm going to feature the circle shape. ★

My son's birthday. I made a...

My son's birthday. I made a lego-inspired garland for him who is a big fan of LEGO.

My son's 7 years old birthday★
He is so into LEGO, so I made a garland inspired by LEGO.
(I used some ideas on Pinterest.(*^^*))

To make it like a real LEGO, I added a pop-up on the circle parts.
My kids were helping me♪
we enjoyed the craft time together★
It is a hand made party!
Pick some papers in the col...

Pick some papers in the color of LEGO. I used this circle die. ★

The base size is small : 5 inch x 4 inch (about 12.5 cm), latrge: 8 inch height x 6 inch width (about 20 x 15 cm. the pop up circle is 2 inch dimension (about 5.5 cm). I tried making it with the sample images on Pinterest ★
I used the same die for the...

I used the same die for the circle which is in the center of the rosetta.

You can use drawing papers but they are not acid free, so they get spoiled easily. (;_;)
I want to use them for the next year, and after that for many kids parties and events. So I chose acid-free scrapbooking papers (the pattern one is pattern paper, the plain one is bazziill paper) ★

When my son was 2 years old, I bought a kit from someone holding scrapbooking classes. And the【BIRTHDAY】letters of the garland are included in the kit.

After 5 years, their color hasn't faded yet. (*^^*)

That is a great thing about acid-free!!

When I use something for a short term or one time only such as at school events, or when I have a budget, I use drawing papers. When i want to use for a long time, I choose acid-free scrapbooking papers like pattern papers and bazziill papers.

We can understand each feature of the material and use them as it's purpose. (*^^*)★


I had my son make a container with LEGO, and place the party food there. ♪
I prepared for the party on the same day, I used the party items I had created before besides the LEGO garland.

But, if you are very particular about a LEGO style party, it seems that there are free party fonts available that you can print out Happy birthday letters in LEGO font or even micky mouse style font. (*^^*)

(※Those characters have copy rights so we should keep the use for only personal matters. (*^^*))
★How you cut the basic circle, triangle and square shape well really affects the finish look of your work. (*^^*)

That's the tips for making it.

I'll introduce my favorite circle punch and circle die on another post. (*^^*) Stay tuned♪
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