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You can make ladies shoe embellishments!

You can make ladies shoe embellishments!

Such paper ladies shoes are possible to be made and decorated on cards and scrapbooking by using a die.


I will introduce some die this time.

This is the die Wedding collection
Ladies Shoe of Spellbinders.

Since you can make shoe soles flat, the decoration is superior in being pasted as embellishments for card-making and scrapbooking.

All the parts are as the left image.

I made the embellishment without the round band to be pasted on the heel parts this time.

Just cut 2 pieces of each part with a die cutting machine and bend along the lines to make the shape of ladies shoe.

If you have this die, you can complete even elaborate shoes very quickly, so it is also possible to save your time.

The image shows the sole part and the instep one which are separated.

The small ribbon is also very pretty❣️.

It may be possible to variously use even only the ribbon die! The lower clasp looks like good when you open the easel.

The image shows the back side of the shoe.

The Ladies Shoe which diffuses elegant atmosphere is suitable for the decoration of scrapbooking and card-making.

It is recommendable.

Thank you very much for your reading to the end.
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