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Artst Trading Cards.

Artst Trading Cards.


Let's trade these instead of business cards.

Do you know of ATC?

It is short for Artist Trading Cards, and the sizes are set to 2.5 inch by 3.5 inch (Approx. 64mm by 89mm).

As long as you follow these size regulations, you are free to do anything with them. Whether using the card sideways or longways, ranging from using stamps, drawing pictures, using stencils, to pasting die-cut shapes or cut out pictures, ribbons and photos on them. You can use the material of your choice. However, storage becomes a problem if it's too thick, so something that will fit the trading card sleeves (card protectors) sold in shops would be a good idea.

This ATC is one that's been coloured with Copic markers after stamping.

The size is exactly half of 3R photo size (US). So this one has had letters printed on a photo paper, had stamps on top of them, with stencils used on the edges.

With some playful spirit in it, this one has LED light placed inside, so the light turns on when you press the card with your finger.
The front layer, as you can see, is made freely. But on the back, it would be good to note your name (nicknames allowed), the title of the artwork, the date, and if you have one, your blog URL, so people will know who made it, when you exchange them.

There are stamps for ATC backs available commercially. Ordering your original stamps or making stamps yourselves using erasers could be fun too.

The left one is an off-the-shelf back stamp, and the right one is an eraser stamp I ordered from an artist.
Once you've made them, you can exchange them at places like stamp events, or there are people who organize exchange groups through mailing, so you can join them and make more friends. You can also learn from ATCs that arrive to you. The fun you can have, will expand through these cards.

Initially, there will be things all of us won't know, and we may make mistakes.

But if you take courage and exchange them, the enjoyment will multiply.
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