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Great Papers for Hand Made Flowers

Great Papers for Hand Made Flowers

I found a paper for making hand made flowers, which material is just like an embellishment product.

I thought, "Is this a paper for making flowers?" so I tried this Mulberry paper.
I'm so impressed★☆
The texture of the material is just like a flower product ! Bingo!!
When I used basil or pattern papers, I couldn't make it light, but I really recommend this paper to make flowers!
I used this image form Litt...

I used this image form Little-Angel.


I cut the Mulberry paper with a flowew die. If you curve each petal with a prick punch or a toothpick, it looks like real flowers. ☆
This paper flower making is one of the techniques that we can learn and enjoy for scrapbooking.
This is just like a real flower product so please try Mulberry paper!
I used it for LittleAngel's...

I used it for LittleAngel's marianne DT work. This is a hand made flower but it matches with the gorgeous paper without making it look strange ★

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