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How to make a cutlery case

How to make a cutlery case

I made cutlery cases that can be used even at parties.


I created cutlery cases that we can use for gatherings such as parties.

I will upload the basic making method.
What you should prepare:
Paper: 3.5 inches x 12 inches paper
Scoring board

Put the paper vertically.

Where to draw lines is
half inch point and

3-inch point

Then, rotate the paper by 90 degrees and put it widely.

Draw a line at 8 and quarter inch point.

It’s over to use the scoring board.

Cut off the part colored in red magic marker.

After cutting

Bevel the corners of the overlap width parts.
The parts fit the opposite part better thanks to do it.

Add some glue.

Paste together to finish.

There is no knife in the photo, but it is possible to add and put one in the case.

Please decorate their surfaces as you like depending on seasons and events.

The party this time was the birthday party for the child whose initial is S, so I attached the initial to the rosettes.

Make a paper napkin an insole and insert cutlery to finish.

Why don’t you entertain with handmade cutlery cases?

Thank you very much for your reading to the end.
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