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CCN: With a Silhouette Cut Picture

CCN: With a Silhouette Cut Picture

A 6 inch craft✨


When I make my crafts, I stare at the paper in my hand for a long time.

I try to think, what kind of image do I have today?

The vision I got for this craft is a wide rye field, a cowboy hat, a cowboy, and a very country side of America.

I chose this paper because I thought it was a country style. So it's like an image of a pattern of bandana, a cow barn, a windmill.✨

I wanted to add some movements on the paper so I tore and colored it.

EK Success's large punch【bird】cuts papers very well, and it's thin designs makes it easy to organize. ✨

The bird paper I cut with this punch got a 3D appearance with a pop-up effect.

It looks flying, right?

For the picture in the frame, I cut my doggie only and made it a silhouette cut.

I layer this picture and other patterned papers and attach them.

When I have some spare time, I often make 6 inch crafts.

I made today's craft in a natural taste for the natural good store warm* who is the official curator of Cute Craft.

We are friends ✨

In Shimonoseki city in Yamaguchi where I live, scrapbooking is still not known well, so warm* is a good friend of mine as we both are craft artists. ✨

As its name warm, the store has a lot of warm crafts from the owner's selection.

Today, I introduced my craft which was made to match warm*'s store style. ✨
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