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How to make a postbox-shaped box.

How to make a postbox-shaped box.

If you use this die, you can smoothly make such cute mailbox-shaped boxes as the image.


Today, I introduce the die which enables you to create postbox-shaped paper boxes easily.

This is Reverse Confetti’s Confetti Cuts Mailbox Starter.

Do you feel anything strange when you see the die?
Good, please imagine the development plan of a mailbox!

You cannot complete with only this die, can you?

Actually, there is the explanation about this on the mount.

You need a piece of paper whose size is 1.75 x 3.5 separately, so you should cut by yourselves.

Thus, all the parts of the die are ready, so please don’t be confused.

I used a die machine and cut.
I cut by the designated size with a trimmer.

Fold inwards along the folding line.

I added a curve to the body part cut by the trimmer.

I think it is good to add a curve to the center point when you put the paper sideways.

Paste the 2 parts by glue and complete them into postbox shape.

The image shows the inside of the mailbox.
Please make the overlap widths inside.

I fixed the postal sign by the brad.

The sign moves perfectly.


The mailbox can store 2 chocolate kisses.

The introduction of how to make a cute small-sized mailbox-shaped box is the end.

Thank you very much for reading to the last.
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