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Easy Wrapping with Origami✨

Easy Wrapping with Origami✨

Easy wrapping with a piece of 15 cm Origami ✨


It is an easy wrapping idea in the shape of tetra milk container.✨

①Make the origami in a cylinder shape and glue it.

②Keep the glued part as the edge, fold only one side twice, glue it, and make it like a bag.

It just looks like a toothpaste package.

Once you glue it,

③Fold the other side and adjust the size as you like.
Make it from the toothpaste shape to the tetra drink container. ✨

It's also pretty if you use a sticker, a masking tape, and a clip.✨

I attached a tag to make a halloween treat bag.✨
I made this star shaped tag at 【EK Success's Large Punch】.
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