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Important Notice - "OFFICIAL CURATOR"

Important Notice - "OFFICIAL CURATOR"

Dear Official Curator, Please read the instructions and follow it by the end of February.


Dear Official Curator,

The curator page was updated on 2/9.
Your profile is uploaded into the system.
Please check the following link.

If you didn’t complete your bio and profile image yet, please login to the system and complete your information.

1, Please login from this page with following ID and Password.
ID: your registered email address
PASS: Sent to your email. If you didn't receive yet, please contact

2, Go to My Page and complete your bio, and profile image.

3, Please prepare one post by the end of this month. Sample post:
*Please be sure to use at least several pictures with 500 letters. Just one picture with simple sentence will be denied.

Please check the following link and you will know how to complete your profile.

Again, we are starting this project at the end of February or early March with 50 official curators from all over the world.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Cute Craft Network

Official Curator List of "" (updated 2/20)

Send Now Your Name, Your Nick Name, Email, & Category ( Paper Craft, Scrapbooking, Card Making, etc ) to be an official curator!!

01 Jaclyn Gyesie
02 Anastasia Blonde
03 Tatiana Bogdanova
04 Galina Filippenko
05 Viktoriya Porechnaya
06 Rina Meza
07 Rharmaoui Helene
08 Ludivine
09 Bożena Nowak Sieradzan
10 Monika
11 Larissa Kuritsin
12 Yana Novykova
13 luciana Ruzzi
14 Monica Batlle
15 Elena Potemkina
16 Yami Miyano
17 Kreasi Nda
18 Marilyn Rivera
19 Suzanne Franin
20 Gina Martinez
21 Melanie Santiago
22 Mitali shah
23 Roshini
24 Klara Schmitz
25 Allyson Bright
26 Carolina Vmee
27 Angélique Jarrier
28 Megha Thakar
29 Maria Teresa Tobio
30 Olga Vasquez
31 Naomi Nakano
32 Marina Ichiyanagi
33 Aya Motoki
34 Marlina
35 Tracy McLennon
36 Japan Paper-art Association
37 Sayori Ishii
38 Sylvia Paniagua
39 Boka Ranković
40 Mayuko Inaba
41 Saori Oku
42 Asmah Zainal Abidin
43 Henny Tamin
44 Yumiko Jin
45 Gordana Blazovic
46 Erin Reed
47 Yasmina
48 Linda Simpson

Cute Craft is now inviting you to be the OFFICIAL CURATOR

Cute Craft is now inviting you to be the OFFICIAL CURATOR of NEW CUTE-CRAFT.COM CURATION SITE which we are now preparing to launch.

This is the Limited Time Offer.

If you are interested in becoming the “Official Curator”, please send us the following information via email to both & .

1, Your Name
2, Your Nick Name
3, Email
4, Category ( Paper Craft, Scrapbooking, Card Making, etc )

These information are needed to register.
Your Profile Page will be like this -> /

Hope you are interested in this special opportunity and looking for your registration of Cute Craft Official Curator!

Cute Craft Network


What is Official Curator?

Everyone can be the normal curator, but only the chosen people can be the official curator. Official curator has the status title and they can get official icon on the profile page.

What you need to do to keep the official curator status?

Requirement to keep the Official Curator Status: Upload your post once a month in English.

Post Sample ->

When does starts?

Planning to launch as soon as we get 50 official curators from all over the world, but 3/1 at the latest.

In Japanese site, about 80 curators and there are lots and more registered members also.
But English site will be bigger than this site..

You can see the curators page from here..
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