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Mini Shaker Cards

Mini Shaker Cards

Shakers that are usually made with thin paper and craft parts; I've put some thought into it, to increase the space and make it "shakable".


Things to prepare
・craft parts to place in the shaker
・Masking (decorative) tape 15mm width
・Masking tape 10mm width
・Plastic pockets for trading cards
・Double-sided tape(thick foam sheet type)
・Cutting board

First of all, stick the double-sided tape on the four corners of the plastic pocket.
Then place the craft parts on the center.
Peel the double-sided tape gently, and place the other plastic pocket on top, sticking them together.

Place the 15mm masking tape with the adhesive side facing up.
Then stick the 10mm masking tape onto the center of the other tape.

Seal the four sides of the plastic pockets using the masking tape prepared in the previous step. Take care when sealing the sides, making sure the contents do not come out.
If you secure the pockets well with the masking tape so it doesn't slide, the finished product will look very nice.

Once you decorate the corners to hide the double-sided tape, it's all done.
All of these are items that can be purchased from the dollar shop.
How about making something like this with a friend?
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