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How about making Thank you card to tell someone what you think about him/her?

How about making Thank you card to tell someone what you think about him/her?

I have an absolute understanding for that you may feel a bit embarrassed to tell 'Thank you'.... Instead, how about doing that through this Thank you card♪?

・Pattern papers... as many as you like to lay 
  (This time I have used a base paper, the three different kinds of the laid papers, and the two kinds of the heart-shaped papers)
・A glue
・Stamps (This time I have used the transparent stamps from 'stampin`up!')
・Emboss powder for embossing(I have used the powder from kodomonokao)
・Emboss heater
・Ink for embossing
・Clear blocks(You can use other things such as CD cases instead of them)
・A paper to catch the powder
・Your favourite decoration(I have used flowers, ribbons and pearls for decoration)


・First, make the base paper

It can be made quite easily by cutting A4 paper and folding it half♪

If you use relatively thick paper, it can bring even better results!!

Next, lay the papers.

I have used flower pattern paper this time.

Subsequently, die-cut papers into your favourite shapes.

You can even use your hand to cut things like banners.

Then, move onto the next process, which is embossing on the die-cut paper one by one.

This time, I have embossed on a heart-shaped paper♪

The emboss kit consists of...
・Some emboss powder
・An emboss heater
・Transparent blocks
・Some paper to catch the excess powder(old newspaper or photocopy paper are ok too)


How to do embossing

Put the ink on the stamp, and stamp it on the paper where you would like to have them.
Scatter the powder evenly over the stamp.

Shake off the powder on the paper beneath the die-cut paper.

Then you can see the characters of the stamp come to appear.

Please remove the excess powder with some tools, such as a paintbrush.

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