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In just 2 hours! Halloween decoration.

In just 2 hours! Halloween decoration.

My friend who is also my daughter's piano teacher (and mime too), is going to held a Halloween rhythmic party with her students and their family, so we made decorations together.

We had only 2 hours but two adults and one girl were able to make these decorations.

The secret it here!
Very popular alphabet punch board and die cut machine!
We just used them and cut some papers.

My friend was surprised to know these tools and said "I want to tell kindergarten teachers about these gadgets! "

It is definitely helpful for teachers at kindergarten and nursery when they make some wall arts and birthday charts.

I hope they use more of scrapbooking!

If we have a punch board for Hiragana (Japanese alphabets), that would be awesome!
Making a rosetta with drawi...

Making a rosetta with drawing papers. For bats, I used a die cut machine.

I often use a rosetta for scrapbooking. Even without a machine, if you know a little bit of tecniques of scrapbooking, you can make great works for many occasions.
A die cut machine : It's a ...

A die cut machine : It's a very useful tool to cut papers, felt, and leather. (It doesn't work for some felt though. )

Originally I was just going to have lunch with my friends, but we decided to make something for this occasion, Including our teacher's daughter, three girls got together.

That was in the morning of the actual party day and we had only 2 hours. But an alphabet punch board and a die cut machine helped us a lot.

Under the letter of Halloween, we put some decorations of bats and ghosts. We had limited time until our sons come back home from school, and in just 2 hours, we could finish it!
A little 2 years old girl h...

A little 2 years old girl helped me.

I made them with the little...

I made them with the little girl. It cost about 10 yen.

I used a die cut machine fo...

I used a die cut machine for bat's wings.

An alphabet punch board : Y...

An alphabet punch board : You can cut any letters or numbers.

Quick garland using an alph...

Quick garland using an alphabet punch board.

Great work done in such a s...

Great work done in such a short time!

Moms and kids are happy!

Moms and kids are happy!

Students and their family and friends from the piano class.

It was such a fun Halloween rhythmic party★
This time I tried to save the cost, so I used drawing papers and toilet paper rolls. The total cost was probably 300 yen?

Drawing papers get old and yellow stains easily so it doesn't last for a long time. If you are want to keep your budget low but still make a great work, you can utilize an alphabet punch board, a die cut machine, using the technique like rosetta and make your work fabulous with drawing papaers.

If you want to keep your work for a long time, acid-free papers for scrapbooking are a good choice. If it's for a short term, then drawing papers work.

★I'll introduce later how to make ghosts and bats that I made with the little girl.
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