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Colouring the stamps.

Colouring the stamps.

Let's colour the stamps using Copic markers that have a large amount of colour variations.


The stamp being used this time, is GLENDA & FRANKIE from PENNY BLACK.

A stamp perfect for Halloween.
Many manufacturers are selling cute illustrated stamps that are like colouring pages.

Although there are many different painting tools used for colouring, such as makers, colouring pencils, and inks, today I would like to write about colouring with Copic markers.
Here's a brief explanation on Copic markers.

Copic markers are alcohol markers, and there are several types of pens including Copic classic markers.

The most widely used ones are the "Copic sketch markers", which has a brush nib and a broad nib, allowing them to be used for both types of drawing. The bush nib is the main side used in colouring stamps.

Although it may seem somewhat expensive as a painting tool, the nibs are replaceable, and the ink can be refilled as well.

As they are rich in colour variation, and the colours show up well, these products are so popular all over the world to the extend where some places are having shortage of stocks.

It is also possible to use the Colourless blenders to create gradients in colour, or to wipe out parts that were not supposed to be coloured.


Copic markers also have fluorescent colours, so the Jack-o'-Lantern lights can be expressed nicely as well.
Now I will talk about colouring the stamps.

It will be endless if I talk about everything, so I will write about what I usually use the most in relation to stamps and Copic markers.

The most common question I receive is, "What ink do you used for the stamp when colouring with Copic markers? Mine always gets smudged."

I mainly use TSUKINEKO's "Tuxedo Memento" black ink.

Memento is a fast drying water base ink. Although it depends on the compatibility with the paper, this ink is able to express the lines beautifully even with fine stamps.

Next, about the paper. This probably depends on personal preferences, but I see many people who colour stamps with Copic markers use "water colour paper".

It may be easier to colour on, because it is heavier in texture.

"Water colour papers" range from very expensive ones to easily affordable ones, and Copic markers vary in how the colours show or how they run on paper depending on the type of paper. So you'll find more enjoyment in this when you trial different combinations and find what suits you.
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