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Piggy's Stamp✨

Piggy's Stamp✨



There are 15 kinds of piggy stamps, KODOMO NO KAO.
The price is reasonable✨

All of them are very cute and small size 2 cm x 3cm, so I can them use for a scheduling book and a diary. ✨

【I used this image form the store】

Stamp inks have some varieties. Some of them bleed when coloring it, so I use them depends on the purpose of use.

For today's piggy stamp, I want to color it later so I chose a white paper, a pink ink, and a pink piggy.✨

I used a stamp ink called MEMENTO which dries quickly, is resistant to water, and doesn't fade much.

Once it dries, it is water-proof. You can use it with a brush to give a watercolor touch.

It dries quickly on well-absorbing papers. It is comparatively easy to use.

I colored it after it has dried.

I used chameleon pens for today's coloring, but since the stamp ink MEMENTO doesn't bleed, I could color it without having any difficulties.

I will introduce chameleon pens later✨

Color pencils are one of my favorite items. ✨
Even with pencils from the 100 yen store, you can make it very pretty, so enjoy your coloring as you like.

Let's start coloring!✨

Color the hem part, or color the inside completely..

I stamped the brown stamp ink MEMENTO and colored it. It has a different taste. ✨

I challenged a little bit of color gradation...

You can get piggy stamps from here✨

After coloring, I cut it with scissors to use for the decoration of a message card ✨

I also introduced how to make a message card at【Greeting Card】✨
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