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Harvest festival Card.

Harvest festival Card.


It's a little trick, using the autumn card as an example.

I will introduce a little trick that adds depth and beauty to an artwork.

There's been an increase in dies that can do both cutting and embossing.

These dies in the photos are dies from Mariannedesign and Joycrafts, that I've used in this card.
Just cutting out cardstocks with these dies are pretty as well, but I feel that something is missing.

That is when these odds and ends of PP come in handy.

You get a pile of odd and ends when you do paper crafting, right?

There's been some depth added just by using PP, but it's still not enough.
In times like that, add colour to the depressed part of the die, which can be used for embossing as well as cutting. Where the paper is protruded, the die is depressed.

It is easy if you add colour without removing the paper from the die.


By adding 2 or 3 others colours to a leaf like this, by patting them on, you'll have autumn leaves changing colour.

Making holes using punches and making it like a worm-eaten design could be amusing too.

I've introduced the dies used here, as well as other images, in my blog, so please feel free to come and visit it if you are interested.

Alchemist of healing

Alchemist of healing
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