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How to make banners with FUSE

How to make banners with FUSE

Why don’t you make party decorations with using FUSE released from we r memory keepers and project life?


I will introduce the fuses of we r memory keepers and project life this time.

This is we r memory repair’s fuse

This is project life's fuse

Their accessories and use are the same, and only their handle colors are different.

Their shapes are slightly different, and look at this part of the body.

There is a stop in order not to shift when the tool is put on a table, I think.

There is no stop with the fuse of we r memory keepers.

However, even if there was no stop, the fuse didn’t roll.

Transformers are necessary because the both tools are overseas specifications.

This is what I use.

It's relatively heavy.

Prepare a kit for banner making during warming the fuse.

The image shows the contents. The banner on which the word CELEBRATE is printed and pennant type picks.

There are transparent bags and fringes.

It is fine only to combine these items with following the sample and attach them with the fuse, so it is easy❣️

It is the contents.

Since the party was bluish this time, I changed the sequins to be put in the plastic bags to blue-type ones.

By the way..., about the sequins which I put in boxes with distinguishing by colors, I dropped them on the floor, so I mixed them (sad).

Pile up the papers and trace the banner with the fuse to stick.

No glue is necessary❣️

Put the fringe on them and trace again from above.

The silver part of the fuse is pretty hot, so please be careful for treating it.

I used a ruler in the photo, but use the attached ruler normally.

When you use the ruler, its edge part must be hardware. Plastic melts, so please be careful.

First type is finished.

Next, put sequins into a plastic bag and close the mouth part with the fuse.
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