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Handmade mini signboard!! [Kaisercraft's Chalkboard kit]

Handmade mini signboard!! [Kaisercraft's Chalkboard kit]

I've made a signboard using Kaisercraft's Chalkboard kit, materials from the dollar shop, scrapbooking paper and decorative (masking) tape.


I purchased this item from "Sera girl" in Shibuya.
Although it says Chalk Board on it, when I opened the seal there was no chalkboard or paper that came with it. And no instructions...;^_^A
I tried making it from my memory of seeing it displayed at the shop window.

Prepare Chalkboard paint and cork sheet that can be found in the dollar shop, and also 12 inch papers.
Make a chalkboard and a cork board. Paste papers onto other parts, cutting them in suitable sizes.
I intentionally chose to stick papers of all different patterns.


Once you put each of the parts together and stick decorative tape onto the frames, join them together with a hinge, and it's all done!
I'm thinking of using this as a signboard when doing workshops, by displaying the name or course contents on here.
It could also be nice to use it as a menu board or pin photos on here and use it as part of the interior decorations at home.
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