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CCN:Easy, Cute and Reasonable★Let's make with your children! Halloween Craft

CCN:Easy, Cute and Reasonable★Let's make with your children! Halloween Craft

It's almost Halloween! I'm going to introduce a Halloween craft that you can enjoy with your family♪

Big eye ghosts made from to...

Big eye ghosts made from toilet paper tolls.

A flying bat

A flying bat

★Recycle toilet paper rolls!
~Let's make with your children~Halloween craft★

【~How to make〜】
*materials :toilet paper roll, photo copy papers, Origami, toilet paper, drawing paper, double side tapes, eye stickers, a red pen, pipe cleaner

1.Wrap double side tape on a toilet paper roll randomly.
2. Tear white papers(drawing paper, origami, toilet paper, photocopy paper) in a string shape and wrap around the toilet paper.
3. Put eye stickers on 2 as much as you want.
4. Draw some line with a red pen on 2. (just like scratches)
5. Make holes using a prick punch or a sharp pencil, and put pipe cleaners in the holes.

*materials : a toilet paper roll, black papers (origami or drawing paper) , double side tape, eye stickers
1.Cover the black paper on the toilet paper roll.
2.Just like the image, smash the top part and make the edges sharp to make it look like ears.
3.Cut the black paper in a shape of wings
(→I used a die cut machine of a bat wing shape for this sample one. )

4. Put eye stickers and finish★

※I made these crafs with the ideas I found on Pinterest using the materials I had. It seems that pinching, tearing, taking (double side tape) off, using fingers for papers and pipe cleaners or other materials are really good effects for the babies and toddler's development. (*^^*)♪




Even a two years old girl c...

Even a two years old girl could make it with a little help.

A rythmique teacher gave al...

A rythmique teacher gave all children a halloween bag with their names on it.

An easy and cute idea from a rythmique teacher. ★

【materials 】
ziplock, drawing paper, strings, tape

*How to make :Attach a jack-o-lantern which is made with a drawing paper and strings with tape. ★

Very easy★Halloween bag!!

I see!!
This is another reasonable, easy and cute idea★
Taking this bag, we can take a walk, visiting friends mom saying tric or treat!

At the end, there were a lot of candies inside the bag.(*^^*)

※the image and trick are from the rythmique teacher and I got her approval to post this (*^^*)
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