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Ideal for Christmas party❤️ easy-to-make tags with stamps and colouring

Ideal for Christmas party❤️ easy-to-make tags with stamps and colouring

marin : This time I introduce cute tags, which you can easily make using stamps and coloured pencils🌟 You can make them even cuter if you use eyelets from 100 yen shops such as Daiso😊


-1 clear stamp of a girl from RED&GOLDIE (Avery Elle)
-1 'falalalalala' stamp from kerry's Falalala (Clearly Kelly)
○Ink for stamps (any ink is fine as you will colour the stamps with coloured pencils later)
○Coloured pencils (I used FABER-CASTELL here)
○Eyelets & eyelets punch (optional)


First let's make tags. Cut a piece of paper into sizes as you like.
This time I have cut it into 2.5×3 inches.
I thought of this tags thinking they would go well with sweets presents for small kids❤️
They would also be nice if you cut them into longer shapes to make different things, such as bookmarks👍

Next, arrange the stamps on the paper before you actually stamp them.
Remember to stamp them only when you are sure about their arrangements, as this is a very important process😊🌟

Third, colour the stamps with FABER-CASTELL. FABER-CASTELL is a type of watercolour pencils, which you can paint as watercolours ⭐️

FABER-CASTELL is very easy to handle so I use it quite often😊

Once you finish colouring, let's move on to eye-letting✨

First make a hole on the tag with a paper punch❤️
I usually use a paper punch from 100 yen shop, which is called 'crop-a-dile'. You should be able to make holes on fairly thick paper with it😊

Then, place an eyelet on the tag✨
I have chosen a golden one this time✨

Place the eyelet in the hole and make sure to fix it with an eyelet punch❤️

You can also thread a string through the hole and fix it together with the eyelet✨

Finish it off by tying the ends of the string👍

This is a very simple method even for kids, so please do try it and have a fun time with your children ✊

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